Prosciutto, Pear, and Arugula Rolls

This is a great tasting, and reasonably healthy appetizer, especially for dinner parties.  These take about 10 minutes to prep, and requires no cooking.  Easy to make, and easy to eat!


Makes 24 rolls (serves 12 people)

2 ripe but firm pears, cored and halved
1 tsp lemon juice
2 large handfuls of arugula
12 thin slices prosciutto
1 oz Shaved Parmesan
24 cocktail sticks (toothpicks)


  1. Cut each pear half into 4 long pieces, to make 16. You’ll only need 12, so you can eat the rest.
  2. Combine the pears and lemon juice and season.
  3. Put a pear slice and a few leaves of arugual on each prosciutto slice.  Add a shaving of Parmesan (I recommend just buying a block of parmesan and shaving it with a potato peeler).  Roll tightly and secure with 2 toothpicks.
  4. Roll all the others, then cut each in half in between the toothpicks.

Nutrition per serving

46 calories, 4g of protein, 3g of carbohydrates, 3g of fat, 1g of fiber, aprox 350mg of sodium

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